Orbis Linguarum (Ezikov svyat) and its academic editors are committed to fair and professional dealing in every aspect of the publishing process. We aim at publishing original state-of-the-art work of value to the intellectual community that will make a clear contribution to current debate in humanities. We strive to meet the highest possible standards and we expect our reviewers and authors to do so. Honesty, originality and fair dealing on the part of authors, and fairness, objectivity and confidentiality on the part of editors and reviewers are among the priorities that help us to achieve our aim.

Orbis Linguarum (Ezikov Svyat) endorses and behaves in accordance with the codes of conduct and international standards established by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) [1], available free of charge at http://publicationethics.org/. Relevant documents include: Code of Conduct and Best Practice Guidelines for Journal Editors [2] and Code of Conduct for Journal Publishers [3].

The following edited extracts from COPE documents (Kleinert, S. and Wager, E., 2011; Wager, E. and Kleinert, S., 2011) state the key considerations for editors and authors.


-          should make fair and unbiased decisions independent of commercial considerations, and should ensure a fair and appropriate peer review process;

-          should adopt editorial policies that encourage maximum transparency and complete, honest reporting;

-           should guard the integrity of the published record by issuing corrections and retractions when needed and pursuing suspected or alleged research and publication misconduct;

-          should have appropriate policies in place for handling editorial conflicts of interest.

Authors …

After an official confirmation regarding their publication has been received by the author/s, they must fill the Publication Agreement below:

(Publication Agreement)

[1] Committee on Publication Ethics (CPE)

[2]Code of Conduct and Best Practice Guidelines for Journal Editors

[3]Code of Conduct for Journal Publishers